10 Leadership Reflections for Business Agility

1. Achieving organizational agility doesn’t happen overnight. It may take a couple of years. So, the longer you wait to hit the ground running, the higher the cost of delay.

2. The “self-organizing” concept works well at team level; at enterprise level, leadership should script the critical moves to achieve change. Also, leaders must lead (rather than simply support) the change.

3. Change is repelled unless the organization provides stability during change. Consistency, security and confidence in leaders’ vision are key.

4. Purposeful innovation can rarely occur in the presence of 100% resource utilization and daily firefighting. Innovation requires dedicated time and space to explore and experiment.

5. Customer centricity is rooted in organizational wellbeing (thou shalt love thy client as thyself). When employees are overwhelmed, their focus is not to delight the customer, but to get through the day.

6. There’s a difference between growth and scaling. When you focus on scaling, you design a model for sustainable growth, predictability and optimization.

7. Optimize the whole, not parts, of both the organization and the development process; also, quality is not added on, but built-in.

8. Instead of working harder to foresee dependencies upfront and implement a more rigorous stage gate, teams should work together and adjust frequently. Dependency management is a routine, not a one-time event.

9. Building a learning culture is not the task of the L&D department alone. It implies commitment and reinforcement at all levels.

10. Leaders often evolve together with their companies. Yet, as the company grows, steering the ship becomes more challenging without drawing inspiration from the outside. No matter the issue, somebody already dealt with it. Ask. Learn. Grow. What got you here, won’t get you there.

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