Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach?

CEO-A Model

1. Clarify

  • The “As is” state
  • Underlying challenge
  • The desired state
  • Your “why”

2. Explore

  • New possibilities
  • Trade-offs & risks
  • Untapped strengths
  • Beliefs/habits to (un)learn

3. Outline

  • Next steps/solution
  • Potential blockers
  • Your support network
  • Mind & heart alignment

4. Act

  • Implement change
  • Sustain momentum
  • Distil new learning
  • Celebrate new “As is”

I developed the CEO-A model – a simple yet powerful way to help you – the A player – advance on your journey and grow into your greatness. The goal is to facilitate awareness, uncover new perspectives and create momentum to carry you forward. By fully tapping into your (self)leadership skills, you will feel more empowered to act as the CEO of your own life (and business), living your greatness fearlessly and inspiring others to do the same!

What is coaching?

The ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership, enabling the client to move forward with greater clarity, focus and motivation.

Will you only ask questions?

No. Coaching is often poorly understood as only asking questions. However, the coaching process is much more complex. As a coach, I will help you uncover your real challenge (which most of the time is NOT the one you think you have), peeling back several layers to find the deeper underlying issue. Also, I will use direct communication (e.g. share observations, knowledge and strategies, provide direct feedback etc.) and help you explore new ways to overcome obstacles and achieve the desired outcomes for the session.

Will you also provide advice?

Coaching is not about giving advice, but about helping you tap into your own pool of answers. However, while coaching remains the primary tool, I will often switch to the mentoring mode, provide clear guidance and share stories from my own experience. The goal is to empower you to step into your own definition greatness – using the techniques that work best for you. For instance, a session may involve 60% coaching and 40% mentoring or 100% pure coaching – depending on what brings the most value to you and where you are in your journey.

What makes good advice?

Knowing when and how to offer advice requires not only expertise but also tact. You can surely think of situations when you received advice and your first thought was “I already tried it”, “it’s different in my case”, or politely saying “good idea” while actually thinking “you don’t get it, it’s more complex than that”. Giving good advice means seeing the issue through the same lens. Hence, an advisor must first be curious enough to see what you’re seeing – fully understand your values, your strengths, and your real challenges.

Are there any clients you don’t work with?

A coach is not a therapist. Hence, I don’t work with clients who seek a diagnosis or relief from mental health challenges. If that’s the case, I can gladly refer you to a professional better suited to address your needs. Also, I don’t work with clients who don’t want their growth at least as much as I want it for them.

How do I know if coaching works for me?

You are curious, have a growth mindset and are self-aware. You are a high-achiever with strong leadership potential. You truly care about your own development. You understand that coaching is by no means a substitute for hard work. It’s actually a commitment to it. Coaching is effective only if you are willing to embrace change, take action and work together with me on enhancing awareness, setting goals and building accountability.  

How do I know you are the right coach for me?

I provide a free 60-min session (initial discovery call), where we can together identify if this is a mutual fit. During this first session, you will also get a sample of what the coaching experience will be like. You can book a free discovery call here. Also, you can learn more about myself by reading the About page and by exploring my blog. I put a piece of myself in every article I write so that’s a great way to get to know me more.

Who has inspired your own journey ?

There are many people who added value to my journey – mentors, coaches, leaders, teachers: Peter Drucker, Marshall Goldsmith, Adam Grant, Gabor Maté, Peter Levine, Melody Beattie, Brené Brown, Sally Helgesen, Martha Beck etc.

Is my personal data disclosed during coaching sessions CONFIDENTIAL?

Absolutely. As a certified coach, I adhere to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics hence and I am bound to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality related to all your information.

How can I easily pay for the coaching services?

Details about the online payment options and the payment plan will be provided after the free discovery call, if we conclude I am the right coach for you. These are also part of the client agreement which transparently outlines the terms of our collaboration.  

How do we measure if our sessions are successful?

We begin each session by clarifying upfront your desired outcomes and these become a way to gauge success. Your goal could be: “I want to define a five-step plan to increase visibility in the workplace” (this could be part of a bigger goal e.g. to obtain a promotion in 6 months). In the next sessions, we review together the results obtained after implementing these steps. Also, depending on the goal, I may encourage you to ask your key stakeholders for feedback (direct reports, peers, senior leaders). They will focus on the perceived improvement not on the effort invested. Lastly, we will look at your reported level of energy, confidence and overall wellbeing.

How many sessions will I need in order to see consistent progress?

Every client’s goal and journey are different. At times, three to six months may work. Other times, you may find it beneficial to work with me for a longer period. We can discuss more about this in our initial discovery call.

Do you work with clients in my country?

Yes. I work with clients all around the world. I coach in English and Romanian. All sessions are online.

Tomorrow is another day to enjoy the life you create today.

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