Step into your own definition of greatness unapologetically

Leadership and Empowerment Coaching for High-Achievers and Growth-Minders


While others’ journey can inspire you and ignite your drive to expand and transform, change is deeply personal and implies tailored guiding. Having a coach on your side is one of the strongest moves you can make to become the leader and the self-leader you were meant to be.

My mission is to help you regain your zest for life, amplify and mirror back your own greatness, so you can move forward with greater clarity, focus and refreshed confidence in a future filled with possibilities and in your ability to seize them.

A high-achiever myself, with over a decade of leadership experience, I commit 100% to help you become a first class (self)leader, letting integrity, excellence, authenticity and compassion be my guides. If you want your growth at least as much as I want it for you, let’s get in touch.

What to expect?

Rounded Approach

By addressing both your career and personal growth, I acknowledge your indivisible self, helping you fortify your integrated authentic self and access your strengths on a continuum.

Tailored Style

While pure coaching is the primary tool, I often combine it with mentoring, depending on what brings the most value to you and makes the session more effective.  

Trauma Informed

By understanding what trauma is and how it can show up in coaching, I am able to hold space for you and support you to get in touch with your healthy self and harness the resources of the present moment.

Inclusive Leadership

I create a safe non-judgemental space, celebrating your unique gifts and helping you assert yourself and your tribe, turning every encounter with bias in an opportunity to lead change.

Insight Driven

I help you develop new perspectives inspired from my own leadership journey and from the world’s top 50 most influential thought leaders – as ranked by Thinkers50.

Where to start?

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What People Are Saying

“I gained so many insights from my sessions with Liliana. I learned how to be realistic with my expectations, let go of the need to take ownership of problems that weren’t mine to solve, enjoy the journey in the work that I’m doing, and plan wisely, using the Agile method that Liliana taught me. I felt empowered to move forward in my career in a way that would be effective and enjoyable.”

Kate Chartrand, United States

“Working with Liliana has helped me come to the realization that I’m a strong, capable woman. Relieving the pain of my helpless, wounded child became easier now because I discovered that I can count on myself. Knowing that I have myself to rely on no matter what is so soothing during anxious periods. Also, the shame I used to feel while being “weak” has diminished.”

Camelia C., Romania

“Liliana helped me to identify areas that were causing friction. She echoed back my thinking in clear, concise statements, making me feel understood and validated. She provided actionable strategies to uncover strengths as well as blindspots, in order to increase my self awareness and self confidence.”

Cassie R., Canada

“Firstly, I would mention how helpful I found the session, as it was build on mutual respect, trust, open communication, honesty; then, the genuine experience of discovering yourself through a safe and open dialogue with a very warm and trustful coach.”

Oana Dinca, Romania

“I’d surely mention the leadership and communication insights together with her flexibility since we went through potential approaches and figured out together what would best suit my needs from day 1. I’m always curious about our next session and this is a clear sign that they are engaging and useful.”

Vlad Ciausu, Romania

“One of the main insights I gained is understanding my life-work journey. Liliana helped me to assess my current situation by asking powerful questions and offering solid feedback. During our sessions I felt that I am in a safe environment and that someone is truly listening to my struggles by actively engaging with me.”

Diana F., Romania