Gift Anxiety: 8 Scenarios to Overcome This Holiday Season

Gift giving and receiving can often be a source of anxiety, a subtle yet powerful indicator that we need to heal some parts of ourselves. While gifting should come from a sense of expansion, sometimes it’s rooted in a sense of scarcity (I am not enough), a need for acceptance (I want to be seen)Continue reading “Gift Anxiety: 8 Scenarios to Overcome This Holiday Season”

5 Steps From Surviving to Thriving

You overcame challenges. You lost dreams, hopes and loved ones. Yet you survived. You paid with blood, sweat and tears to be where you are today and now you’d rather stay dormant. Because you only know two states: when you have no choice, you fight to survive; when you do have a choice, you becomeContinue reading “5 Steps From Surviving to Thriving”