Shades of Spring

Nature is so colorful and joyful! A song about God, not a hymn to serendipity. Yet every day we estrange ourselves more from its vibrant rhythms, cutting the cord that supplies us with liveliness. Instead, we’re sinking deeper into the gloomy routine of our office cubicles and shopping malls.

Have you noticed? When asked to describe a certain color, we point to the synthetic dyes around us, instead of nature’s sublime nuances – the warm yellow of a daffodil, the soft pink of the sky at sunset, the dazzling purple of a lilac, the vivid blue gracefully worn by a butterfly.

Don’t let this spring pass you by. Reconnect with nature. Let the sun’s soothing glow fill you with calmness; let the fresh earthly smell awaken your quest for new adventures; marvel its richness of colors and get inspired to replace the grey of lost hope with the turquoise of fulfilled dreams.

Have a meaningful spring!

**Image via Canva

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